Film Work


A music video directed by Leila Ziu
Performance by Maëva Berthelot & Leila Ziu
Background grid animation by Ben Buxton
Edit and compositing by Leila Ziu
Music by Pearson Sound


Official Selection at GRRL HAUS CINEMA, June 19
Official Selection at VAFT Finland, May 19
Official Selection at Festival Oodaaq, May 19
Finalist at RAGFF Venezia, Dec 18
Official Selection at Istanbul Experimental Film Festival, Nov 18


A short film by by Leila Ziu & Maëva Berthelot
Produced by Maëva Berthelot, Leila Ziu & Hofesh Shechter Company
Supported by Hofesh Shechter Company & The British Arts Council
Performance by Maëva Berhtelot
Music & Sound Design by Claudio Miguel
Additional Sounds by Daniela Falcon & Isis Puente
Camera by Mauricio Arechavala, Baltazar Peña Rios, Leila Ziu
Edit by Leila Ziu


’Doppel’ screening at Dance Film Festival UK, part of The Fi:ELD Festival, London 2015
’Doppel’ screening at Converse Cons Project, London 2014
’Doppel’ screening, The Place, London, 2014
’Doppel’ screening, The Old Market, Brighton, 2014
’Doppel’ screening, Dance East, Ipswich, 2014,
’Doppel’ screening, South Hill Park, Bracknell, 2014
’Doppel’ screening, Dance City, Newcastle, 2014